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About Judy Dempsey

Life is too short to settle for bad art. At Art Explosion of South Florida, Judy sells [original artwork] (LINK TO HOME) to residential and commercial clients. Since she was a child, she has been drawn to art. Her career started while she was living in the Florida Keys and that environment heavily influenced her work.

Working with Her

Ever since completing her first mural for the mayor's daughter in Palm Beach, she gained a reputation for excellence. Soon, she was contacted by hotels, restaurants, and individuals that simply love art.

She is always reliable and will complete a mural in 2-6 weeks. Her prices are reasonable and she actively works with you to stay within your budget. Her work has been written about in the Sun Sentinel, The Palm Beach Post, featured on the show Tank, and the Coastal Star as well. One of her murals is also featured in the Miami Sea Aquarium.

Contact Judy at 888.611.9140 to ask questions about her original artwork.



"Here at ATM we have grown immensely since our T.V. show "Tanked" hit the air 3 years ago on Animal Planet. Because of our growth, we had to move into a larger facility in Las Vegas. We have over 200 tourists a day coming to our facility to see our aquarium business in action. Our building is so large and was so plain. We needed something that would WOW our visitors. We needed something BIG and colorful! Judy Dempsey of Art Explosion had the answer!! A huge mural of an aquarium on the outside of the building!! Within weeks we flew Judy to Vegas from South Florida. It was a gamble, but we were willing to take the risk. Tackling a project so large (80 feet long by 10 feet high) and to what we wanted was going to take nothing short of a miracle. In just 2 weeks Judy completed the mural and it was beyond our wildest dreams. Judy's artwork is phenomenal and she was beyond professional. We expect the best here at ATM because our customers expect the best. Judy follows that same philosophy and it shows. We are proud to have her art on our building!"

- Wade R. King, CEO Acrylic Tank Manufacturing

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