Hands on children's museum in Hendersonville North Carolina Toddler Play Area!

Represents Glass Falls in Hendersonville North Carolina I kept the colors with the fall colors of the autumn leaves of the greens and the yellows and the reds along with the rock and the running water. It's a great place to read a book. Took about three weeks to paint the size of it was about 20 x 25. They were very happy with the end result as was I.

Hands on children's museum in Hendersonville North Carolina Entrance Stairway Wall !

These are life-size animals that kids can stand up next to and see what size they are. We have a black bear cougar raccoon and deer. Also did some Cardinals and some photo in the background of the woods. It was 20 x 10 what is the size of the wall.

This was a graphic design of North Carolina. Its was about 18feet hight approximately 50 feet wide. It was a view over looking the mountains. With deer and cardinals, white squirrels and a black bear going after a beehive. Had a beautiful sunset colors. Oranges yellows blues purples it's quite fun.Its a the Hands on Children's museum in Henderson North Carolina. Also did several more murals while I was there. One of the music room,  a theater room, and an art room as well.www.handsonwnc.org

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