Scuba Outlet 

This full building mural is painted on the Scuba Outlet in Key Largo, Florida. 
The building is huge! I stand at 5’3” and the building is close to 30 feet tall! The owner asked if I could paint the mural in a month and I was up for the challenge! Key Largo is a hot spot for snorkelers and divers alike and we both agreed that the mural was to depict the Florida Keys marine life. I packed up my truck and off I went!

I stayed in Key Largo for the month in a little hotel working early mornings and at night to avoid the heat. Because the building is so tall, I had to rent scaffolding and a Genie. I loved using the Genie! I even hired two painters to do the solid background color and then I came in and painted the mural over the base coat. 

Just over 30 days later with hardly a day off, I was done. The owner was ecstatic! Everything he asked for and more was now swimming around on the walls of his business! To top it off, he could not believe I completed all that work in just a month! Shortly after I completed the mural, my neighbors drove to the Keys for a vacation and took a selfie in front of the building.  Now, I have a large collection of selfie photos of friends, clients and relatives in front of the building who have all visited The Scuba Outlet! I think the mural is incredible! And if you find yourself in Key Largo, send me a selfie! 

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