Commercial Murals

Looking Glass Falls mural at the hands on museum in North Ca
This is a mural of glass falls in the children's play area at the hands on museum
Butterfly Fence Mural Sarasota FL
This was done at a B&B in Sarasota Florida. I actually did three murals on the fence.
Scuba Outlet - Key Largo, Florida
A massive full building mural depicting the world class diving and snorkeling in the area. Sharks, reef fish, divers, snorkelers and all the reef inhabitants.
Westfield Mall - Sarasota, Florida
Not only a wall mural but I incorporated a piano and column into the mural. The mural reflects the mangroves in the area, the birds and fish!
A mural in Las Vegas of a huge aquarium filled with sharks, rays, reef fish, octopus and turtles!
Miami Sea Aquarium in Miami, Florida
A mural painted in the learning center of a manatee family. Schooling fish surround the large animals.
Medication Station
Mahi Mahi or Dolphin fish are a prize catch and this mural shows a school feeding under a weedline as a fishing boat tries to reel one in!
Marriott Resort - Delray Beach, Florida
My first large mural around a pool bar. I painted herons, parrots, a sunset, palm fronds making this mural a tropical oasis for everyone around the bar.
Painted on the side of a 15 story condominium complex is a large white sailboat gliding through the waves.
Little Smiles Dentistry Boynton Beach ,Florida
Several murals painted in children’s dentist office. A playful scene in the waiting room and each exam room had a different playful scene.

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